Converting decimals to fractions

Q: How do I convert a decimal answer into a fraction on my TI Graphing Calculator?

A: Compute your answer so the decimal form reads on your screen. Then, press “MATH” located near the upper-left of your TI Calculator. Press ENTER on your first choice that reads “>Frac”. You will now be back on your home screen and the calculator will say “Ans>Frac”: press ENTER again. Your decimal answer is now in reduced fraction form!


How do you convert .4562 to a fraction?

1. Type in .4562

2. Press “MATH”

3. Press ENTER (selecting the >Frac option)

4. Press ENTER when the screen reads Ans>Frac

5. 2281/5000 is your answer in reduced form!

2 thoughts on “Converting decimals to fractions

  1. Q: How do I convert a decimal into a reduced fraction by hand?

    A: Think of any number as always being divided by 1. For example: .564 = .564/1. Now, move the decimal place to the right on the top number as well as on the bottom number: 564/1000

    Notice that moving the decimal three places to the right in the numerator “gets rid of it” and adds three zeros to the 1 in the denominator.

    So, .564 = 564/1000. Now, all we have left to do is reduce the fraction by dividing out numbers that are factors of both the top and bottom numbers.


    1. Write as decimal as fraction: .564 = 564/1000

    2. Divide out factors from top and bottom:

    564/1000 = 141/250

    I divided out a 4 for starters. If you aren’t sure where to start, pick a number that you know will work and go from there! It turns out that this is reduced as far as possible.


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