Zooming In

Q: Why do I have to press “ENTER” twice when zooming in on a graph when using my TI Graphing Calculator?

A: The first time you press ENTER when selecting the Zoom In function the calculator takes you back to the regular graph screen (un-zoomed). The calculator is then waiting for you to tell it what area to Zoom In on. If you just want to Zoom In on the whole graph: press ENTER again. If you would like to Zoom In on a particular area of the graph: move the cursor (using the arrow keys) to the area of interest. Then, press ENTER again to Zoom In on your desired area.


1. Graph: y=-3x+5

2. Press ZOOM

3. Select Zoom In and press ENTER

4. Notice that the graph is unchanged. Move the cursor (which automatically starts at the origin) to your area of interest by using the arrows. Press ENTER a final time to zoom in on that area!

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