Quadratic Example (all parts)

Q:  Consider the equation:

y= x²-4x+3

1. Find the vertex.
2. It opens _____.
3. Find the axis of symmetry.
4. Find the minimum.
5. Find the discriminant.
6. It has ___ real solutions.
7. Find the x-intercept(s), if none, say so.
8. Find the y-intercept.

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OK.  I must redeem myself in the realm of counting!  Too many hasty errors on my last post for discrete math and not enough “thinking.”  Don’t fall victim to this.  And now to the question:

Q:  How many bit strings (reminder: a bit is either 0 or 1) of length 10 have:

(a) Exactly 3 zeros?
(b) Have the same number of 0 and 1
(c) Have at least 7 zeros
(d) Have at least 3 ones?

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Algebra Word Problem Example

Q:  The total cost of a holiday package to a warm climate in January can be modeled using the formula C=x+0.12x+0.15x+38. C is the total cost in dollars. x is the list price of the package in dollars. 0.12 is the tax rate, 12%. 0.15 is the service charge rate,15%. 38 is the airport tax in dollars.  Find the list price when the total cost of the holiday package is $3338.73.

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