Exact Values for Trig Functions

If you are in trigonometry or pre-calculus, the below is something you want to memorize, write down, something! Here is a table with the “exact values” for the important angles we use:

Degrees Radians sin(x) cos(x) tan(x)
0 (or 360) 0 (or 2π) 0 1 0
30 π/6 1/2 √(3)/2 √(3)/3
45 π/4 √(2)/2 √(2)/2 1
60 π/3 √(3)/2 1/2 √(3)
90 π/2 1 0 Undefined
180 π 0 -1 0
270 3π/2 -1 0 Undefined

Remember:  If you ever need to find csc, sec, or cot values, they are just reciprocals.  Csc is the reciprocal of sin, sec is the reciprocal of cos, and cot is the reciprocal of tan.

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