Covert Radians to Degrees & Convert Degrees to Radians

Here is what we know:

360° = 2π Radians

Divide both sides by 360:

1° = π/180 Radians

Or, if we had divided both sides by 2π we get:

1 Radian = 180°/π

These equations give us our conversion factors…

To convert from degrees to radians:

degrees * (π/180) = radians

Example: Covert 120 degrees to radians:

120 * π/180 = 120π/180 = 2π/3

So, 120 degrees = 2π/3 radians.

To convert from radians to degrees:

radians * (180/π) = degrees

Example:  Covert 5π/6 radians to degrees:

5π/6 * (180/π) = 900π/(6π) = 150

So, 5π/6 radians = 150 degrees.

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