Venn Diagram Word Problem

Q:  Superburger sells hamburgers with the choice of ketchup, mustard and relish. One day they sold 256 hamburgers; 140 had mustard, 140 had ketchup, 84 had ketchup and relish, 62 had mustard but no relish, 68 had ketchup and mustard, 38 had all three condiments and 20 had none.

(a) The number sold with relish only is?

(b)The number sold with no relish is?

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Probability Problem

Q:  Problems of sexual harassment recieved much attention in recent years. In one survey, 420 workers (240 of whom are men) considered a friendly pat on the shoulder to be sexual harassment, whereas 580 workers (380 of whom are men) did not consider it to be a form of harassment. Find the probability of randomly selecting a man or someone who does not consider a pat on the shoulder to be a form of sexual harassment.

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